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HKL Construction LTD believes in our workforce the skill and experience they have is tremendous and they work we leave behind will help us to grow more in the business as we don’t compromise in our quality and that is what has help in past years to maintain our reputation as one of the best home improvement contractors GTA. Our team has the expertise if you are looking to add one or two rooms to you house with the structural additions and alterations. Making the whole process of home expansion hassle free for you.

The main goal of our team of home improvement contractors GTA at HKL construction is to make our client satisfied and deliver what the client has been expecting us to deliver them. We are proud to have a team who have the knowledge and trained for all the restoration and rebuilding process. And to keep pace with the modern techniques and trends our team learns and train themselves to deliver our clients with all the modern and latest trends in the market. Our contractors are flexible enough that if the client is expecting some changes in the middle of the project, they will suggest the best possible solution to their demand.

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What is Century Building Arts Design?

At HKL Construction Ltd., we are not merely transforming land into blocks and bricks. We believe in the beauty of creation and the power of design. And more importantly, we believe in the realization of your dreams.

Our company has been an established construction firm, creating homes and offices in different locations around Great Toronto Area. The expertise and experience we offer is based on the industry’s standards, all for a reasonably packaged price.  Our company offer the free estimation service at your convenience, it also provides the most affordable financial planning just for you.  As your trusted partner, we are assuring you of an excellent workmanship from start phase of the construction until the turnover of the project.

Contractors & Construction Managers Since 2012.