Bathroom remodeling Services in GTA

Bathroom remodeling gta

Is your bathroom in a desperate need for a new look? Are all the fixtures and fittings are old or you want to get rid of your vintage bath tub and you want to transform your bathroom into an clean and contemporary looking or any other type of bathroom then our team at HKL construction for Bathroom remodeling GTA is the right choice for you. There are solutions and drastic transformation for all outdated bathroom problems. Home owners are keener to have a larger space in their bathrooms over a large soaking tub. HKL construction always has kept pace with the ongoing market trends and demands of the home owners, enabling us to be the first choice in making the remodeling and renovation decisions easy for you.

Plan your bathroom remodeling:

The very first thing you will have to do is to do a comprehensive planning of your bathroom remodeling and the changes you want in it. By planning the remodeling of your bath room, will not only give you a clear picture of your remodeling process but will also help the renovation or remodeling contractor to deliver exactly what you are expecting. At times only small changes like some old fixtures and giving a fresh coat of paint will transform the whole look of the bathroom but in other cases where drastic changes are required the contractor will have to go for some structural changes as well.

Bathroom necessities:

Make a detailed list of all your bathroom necessities like:

Sinks and bathtubs: you can even plan with a certain shape, color or type of material used for these necessities to have a change in your bathroom renovation process.

Fixtures: we have been seen all over the internet, homeowners and interior designers are using more rustic and vintage looking fixtures for their bathroom makeovers which take the look of the bathroom to a whole new level. Though it’s a very simple detail but can add a lot more to the look of your bathroom.

Showers: yes adding a shower curtain will do the job for you, but the look and the transformation an enclosed shower with a steam installation will give you a spa like feel, which you can enjoy every time you do a bath; in your own home.

Toilets: How you can forget one of the most important necessities in the bathroom remodeling process, there are different improved and better options in the market to consider while going for a bathroom renovation.

The flooring:

Aside from the flooring another one of the most important thing is the flooring of your bathroom. With the daily usage the flooring might not look good as it used to be. So considering having new flooring for your bathroom in the remodeling process will not only allow you to have new flooring but it will add value to your property as well.


This might not be important for most of the homeowners but the lighting plays a very important role in the whole look of your new bathroom so does consider it in your bathroom renovation and you will see the difference it will give in the new look.

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