If you are looking for additional space in your house our team of Home expansion in GTA at HKL construction will be the right choice for you whether you want an extra bedroom, additional bathroom or a bigger kitchen with the help of our team you can enjoy the additional and expanded house space what you have always wished for. Our team has the expertise in planning and designing the home expansion you are looking for.
At HKL construction we have a huge list of home expansion services we provide to our clients whether it’s home expansion or the addition of several rooms to your current space. Keeping in mind people from all walks of life we budget and suggest solutions to their home expansion what our client can afford.
HKL construction believes and delivers only high quality work and material to all our clients. Having a huge workforce for different types of services for the home expansion process, gives us more control over the ongoing project. The contractors of our home expansion in GTAwill give you a free estimate of what your overall project is going to cost with all the possibilities which make the home expansion satisfying for our clients.

Home expansion in gta

Whether you are planning to add height to the current structure of your home or want an extension for your growing family needs, our team of Home expansion in GTA at HKL CONSTRUCTION will be the right choice for you. You will not only, be able to enjoy extra space with our home expansion solutions but it will also add value to your property. Our team of experts will provide you with their expert guidance and suggestions, on the ways how you can achieve your space requirements without increasing the budget. Whether you are planning to have an extra bedroom, or want to improve the functionality of your kitchen or even a sunroom for energy efficient solutions, our team will provide you with the solutions you might be looking for. We start our home expansion project with the precise square footage measurements and plan to the extra additions. Once that is done we provide the budget and total cost which will incur for the expansion process. Even if you have no future plans to sell your property after your sparkling new space is completed, a new addition will pay for itself in the long run.

Some of our home expansion services are listed below:

  • Bedroom expansion
  • Bathroom expansion
  • Kitchen expansion
  • Bathroom addition
  • Kitchen addition 
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Why choose HKL home expansion in gta:

Having a team who is specialized and trained in their work will eventually help us to have more control over the costs, the deadline and overall progress of the project. With our clients having very strict budget for their home expansions we try to deliver the best in their budget without giving them the surprises, and we make sure that our client doesn’t have to spend more than the set budget. Our contractors are best in keeping the progress in black and white and the important documents related to the home expansion for the reference of our client. During the process of home expansion, we make sure that regular meetings are held between the team as well as the client, which will help us to keep the team is on the right track and our client will be well informed reading his or her home expansion. We make sure to do things in a way to make the whole process as mess free as possible keeping in mind the limited disruption to the client’s daily routine.
Adding value to your home:
Without a doubt, your home expansion will add value to your property, though you might be paying a big chunk of money today, on future if you are planning to sell your house you will surely get in return what you have spent in the form higher value of your property. And it will send a positive image to your future prospective client that the house has been well taken care of. Being of the best contractors in home expansion in GTA call us today to get a free estimate of your home expansion project.

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